Cardiac Monitoring Service

Early detection of MI – Every second counts

Cardiac Monitoring Service

Our users often tell us they had not realized they were having a heart attack. They value how SHL’s fast response saved their lives.
Surviving a heart attack is a medical miracle, even if it is a common one nowadays. Preventing a second or third cardiac event requires hard work and dedication by the patient. It is not easy to live with the fear, especially when anxiety and the constant ringing of alarm bells in the family add to the stress.

SHL Telemedicine can ease the day-to-day worry that can so often induce symptoms – because we are available
when our users are feeling vulnerable and in need of professional medical support.

SHL users come to us from many backgrounds and for a variety of reasons. Some:

  • are healthy and are simply pro-active people who take care of their health
  • have a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure or other symptoms that put them at high risk of a heart attack
  • have been referred to us by their physicians, health insurers or payers
  • have experienced how the life of a family member, friend or neighbor was saved by our fast action
  • need to change their life style to prevent a heart attack, but struggle to do it alone

Whatever the reason, all our users are very much aware that a heart attack (“MI”) – is the number one killer in many Western societies. They know that an early diagnosis and fast access to treatment can save their life. In other words, time is the single most critical factor when it comes to a heart attack. See our chart Shorter response time = better outcomes on how we reduce time to treatment for SHL users compared to the general population.

If you would like to hear more about our cardiac monitoring service, you can contact us here

So how does the SHL cardiac monitoring service work?

Our cardiac monitoring service has been in operation for more than a quarter of a century. SHL Telemedicine will provide you with one of the easy-to-use hospital grade ECG devices developed by our Company. As well as our technology strengths, we have supportive, professional staff available 24/7 to check your newest ECG and pick up any change since your last one. They will contact you if necessary according to medical guidelines that were determined by professional physicians and cardiologists and are constantly examined and reviewed by our medical board.

We keep a record of all your ECGs, supplementary tests, hospitalizations and medication data in your online Personal Health Record, for immediate access at any time. This means that you can go on business trips or holiday travel without taking your medical files with you. We manage all our information on the Internet (according to HIPAA rules), which is handy if you need to see a doctor when away from home.
You can find out more about the SHL cardiac monitoring services and our mobile ECGs devices in your region here.