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SmartHeart is an FDA cleared hospital-grade 12-lead ECG device, fast, user-friendly, reliable. SmartHeart can be applied by a physician or the patient to perform a full 12-lead ECG. The SHL telemedicine centers professional medical staff are avaialble for you 24/7, will review the ECGs and provide you findings.

SmartHeartPro© data is stored in the cloud. It is secured and HIPAA compliant, so you know your patients’ privacy meets rigorous security standards

SmartHeartPro© has proven its value in busy physician practices and has revolutionized the ECG experience. Replacing cumbersome and expensive generation ECG machines, or the need to send patients elsewhere for ECG. With SmartHeartPro© you’ll be able to continue providing your patients the best experience while increasing efficiency in your practice.

We are confident that once you’ve tried SmartHeartPro©, you will never switch back to the traditional ECG machine. You can also sign up and benefit from our professional medical support 24/7. The SHL Telemedicine center will review the ECG and provide findings to allow you quicker and efficient analysis of ECGs.

The SmartHeartPro© platform enables you to use the most advanced technology and the expertise of SHL telemedicine centers’ staff, who review ECGs and return their ECG report with findings, with a turnaround time of no longer than 15 minutes.