For more than a quarter of a century, SHL Telemedicine has been at the forefront of 24/7 cardiac monitoring services.

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For more than a quarter of a century, SHL Telemedicine has been at the forefront of 24/7 cardiac monitoring services. We have looked after hundreds of thousands of heart attack (“MI”), heart failure (“CHF”) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (“COPD”) patients from their home. At SHL, we receive and interpret more than one million ECGs each year. These come directly from mobile ECG devices developed by SHL and provided to our users. Our professional medical team keeps in touch with thousands of users, year round. 

Our chronic disease monitoring service for Congestive Heart Failure (“CHF”) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (“COPD”) patients, dramatically improves quality of life, reduces hospital readmissions, and the duration of hospitalizations. For both our acute and chronic telemedicine services, we provide heart and other home-use medical monitoring devices that automatically transmit data to our telemedicine center. We check the data we receive and interact with our users to monitor their wellbeing and levels of compliance with their set treatment. In some cases, we create a personal health record (PHR); in others we use the hospital’s medical record. Either way, their clinical data is maintained under data protection rules and made securely accessible online to patients and their approved physicians. Our services include regular phone calls, reminders and encouragement to help our users keep to their treatment program. 

Saving patients’ lives 

An extended clinical study by the Israeli Heart Society[1] concludes that our service significantly increases the probability of SHL users surviving the first year after a heart attack. You can see the results of this study here. 

Undercutting the readmission reality 

Our acute and chronic disease monitoring programs dramatically increase survival rates and reduce the rate, frequency and length of readmissions. 

It is no secret that all too many post Heart Attack (“MI”) and Heart Failure (“HF”) patients will require readmission within 30 days of their hospital discharge, particularly if they have no support system at home. Here too, an SHL-type service for monitoring patients following discharge can significantly reduce this phenomenon. It is a win-win choice for hospitals and patients. Health professionals also have much to gain from the attentiveness of our telemedicine service model. 

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Health Insurers and Payers


Many major health insurers and payers work in partnership with SHL to bring the benefits of telemedicine to their members and clients. In this way, health insurers and payers benefit from our expertise and experience, and can very quickly provide a dedicated service for their clients/members suffering from Congestive Heart Failure (“CHF”) or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (“COPD”). We can work with your company to create and specifically tailor a similar service for your members or clients.

We provide efficient and friendly service 24/7 and user-friendly medical monitoring devices to the patient for home use. Users are required to use these devices to check themselves at a pre-set frequency and transmit the results to the telemedicine center. It is a simple process, requiring only a few minutes each time.

The SHL solution enables transmission of medical data to the telemedicine center, via one or more of several communication methods” whether it’s by using the patient’s smartphone or home telephone. A combination of Bluetooth and cellular communication, or the SHL Central Communication Module (CCM) takes care of communication from the patient’s home to the telemedicine center.

In some cases, we create a personal health record (PHR); in others we use the hospital’s medical record. Either way, our users’ clinical data is maintained under data protection rules and made securely accessible online to patients and their authorized physicians and/or health insurer or payer.

If the data received at the telemedicine center deviates from a predetermined threshold, or we identify any turning point, we take steps to stabilize the patient’s condition.

In addition to monitoring the results from our mobile ECGs and other home devices, the SHL program incorporates the equally important factors of user instruction, education, and compliance with given treatment guidelines. A member of the SHL medical team also periodically contacts the user, irrespective of any medical need, in order to check up on their overall medical condition, and to strengthen the user’s compliance with their treatment guidelines and life style program.

We can also provide users educational materials on a variety of topics, covering characteristics of the illness, related drug treatment, and recommended diet and nutrition programs.

Our CHF and COPD monitoring services considerably improve our users’ quality of life. They also significantly reduce the length and frequency of their time in hospital.

Several German health insurers use the SHL telemedicine service as part of their offering to their members. In a little under two years, tens of thousands of SHL home systems were installed across Germany, and the sign-up rate of chronically ill patients suffering from illnesses such as CHF and COPD continues to increase steadily.

With SHL Telemedicine, you can also arrange for your members suffering from MI or HF to benefit from our acute cardiac care program that will cost-effectively see them through the critical first 30 days following discharge, and beyond.

Client satisfaction is a key evaluator for medical care payers as indeed it is for SHL Telemedicine. To see what our users feel about the services, click here.

We can help you set up and operate an SHL-type service for MI, HF and/or chronic CHF or COPD patients in their homes.
You can expect to see health benefits for your clients/members and cost benefits for yourself. Indeed, we think you’ll find it
a win-win option for hospitals, patients,and health professionals alike. To find out more, please contact us.Our mission at SHL is to continue to lead the field of telemedicine, shape the medicine of tomorrow, and spread the message of remote medicine and care to people around the globe.

We constantly strive to provide our customers with better and more personalized healthcare services. We are focused on enabling them to have a better quality of life by closely listening to their heartbeat and assuring that immediate and professional medical care is available in times of need.

We invest our expertise in the research and development of innovative concepts that advance the field of telemedicine and evolve into state-of-the-art solutions that define the medicine of tomorrow.

We invite our customers, employees, and investors to join us on our journey and experience the tremendous potential that telemedicine holds for all of us.

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SHL Telemedicine is a global leader in the provision of cardiac monitoring services. Our services are used by tens of thousands of Heart Attack (“MI”) patients and worried well individuals in their homes in several countries. In addition, in partnership with health insurers and payers, we also provide a chronic disease monitoring service for people suffering from CHF and COPD.

At SHL, we receive and interpret one million ECG transmissions each year, along with countless other results from medical monitoring devices and supporting medical data, yet treat each user as an individual, someone in crisis, a man or woman in need of caring, professional support. Our extensive experience enables our medical staff to quickly identify crises and turning points in a user’s condition and guide the users and/or notify their physicians, as appropriate.

We ensure that cardiac patients are under a 24-hour monitoring program in the comfort of their own homes. Patients, together with their families and support networks, are typically more relaxed in their home environment and more active than they would be in a hospital environment. This combination makes it far easier to quickly stabilize their medication needs.

With the SHL service, you can optimize treatment plans and medication, safe in the knowledge that we will:

  • monitor your patients’ vital signs
  • facilitate emergency help when it is genuinely needed
  • be available 24/7 to extend medical assistance at the very moment it is needed
  • check that your patients are complying with their treatment plans and medications, and keeping their appointments with you
  • intervene if a turning point alarm is triggered in the computer system by a change in test results
  • educate our users towards a better quality of life

Many physicians refer high-risk individuals who are healthy to the SHL cardiac monitoring service for their patients’ – and their own – peace of mind. In addition, we count among our users many healthy individuals, who have come to us as a result of growing healthcare consumerism and their wish to play a larger role in managing their own health.

The SHL Telemedicine service really is a win-win situation – for more information on how we can help free up your valuable time and enhance your patients’ wellbeing, please Contact us.