SHL at a Glance

A Global Leader in Telemedicine

SHL is dedicated to telemedicine. For more than a quarter of a century, we have been taking care of people in need of home-based medical support. Our ethos is to provide immediate and professional medical care when our users need it. We monitor their health and wellbeing to reduce the need for emergency intervention and hospitalization. Our aim is to increase our users’ chances of survival if a heart attack strikes and generally improve their quality of life following a medical event. 

SHL users, who do suffer a heart attack, have a far greater chance of surviving the critical year following it; they also report vast improvement in their quality of life, and need fewer hospital stays. As a result, medical insurers and payers, hospitals and physicians all seek us out to reduce their costs and/or to upgrade the level of home care for their patients. 

Our medical staff who work 24/7 in our telemedicine centers excel at what they do and have identified many heart attacks, critical moments and major and minor turning points affecting the health and wellbeing of over one million users over the course of our history. Actually, a good number of our users are in good health. They simply want to keep tabs on their health and heart. 

While our medical teams look after our users, our technologists keep busy developing state-of-the-art ECG devices as well as additional “supporting” devices, platforms and software. Our systems are so simple that they can be used by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Their simplicity and compactness equal their sophistication – SHL ECG devices record 12-lead hospital grade ECGs within seconds. 

We keep current – smartphones are “flavor of the year” so we develop the world’s only full hospital-grade ECG device to enter the smartphone era. Such devices allow their users to travel the world, using their smartphones to send their ECGs from distant business and holiday destinations to their physician, cardiologist or our telemedicine center for evaluation. Our users do not have to be into technology; As far as they are concerned, taking an ECG is no more difficult than buckling on a belt and sending the results is as simple as sending an SMS. 

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