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procures SHL’s TM solutions for their members with chronic heart diseases
This cooperation is expected to add substantially to PHTS’s growth and marks an important milestone. SHL estimates that revenues from this agreement will amount to a number of millions of dollars, already in 2005. Furthermore, it underpins PHTS’s position as the leading
German Telemedicine provider and the potential for its solutions in Germany.

PHTS will continue to actively pursue comparable opportunities in the German market.
Studies in Germany proves efficiency of SHL’s telemedicine solution
Recent studies conducted by PHTS in Germany, in cooperation with German healthcare insurers and German research institutes, confirmed SHL’s telemedicine solutions to be highly
cost effective for monitoring and treating heart patients, including patients with congestive heart failure (CHF).
The studies confirmed improvement in both quality of care and quality of life of patients using SHL services, while significantly reducing the healthcare costs by up to 60%. Significant cost savings have been achieved by, for example, a reduction of hospital admissions and
hospitalisation days. These results are in line with previous studies published by SHL in the International Journal of Cardiology.

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