The smartheart™ is the first & only personal mobile full 12 lead ECG device in the market that enables the detection of ischemic cardiac events. Any person with a smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) can perform a full hospital grade ECG without the need for the assistance of a medical professional and send it to his physician, clinic or hospital for diagnosis in no longer than 30 seconds.The only personal mobile Full 12-lead ECG (hospital grade)

  • Within 30 seconds, a full ECG is obtained in a simple manner
  • The devices transmit the data both digitally and acoustically over both cellular and landline communication
  • Can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime, whether at home, at the office or while traveling
  • HIPPA compliant
  • The device connects to the smartphone using Bluetooth technology


  • The smallest full 12 lead ECG in the world
  • Storage of previous ECG on your mobile device
  • Transmission of digital encoded ECG data, using the user’s smartphone or tablet
  • Innovative design with advanced ergonomics