SHL Telemedicine annual shareholders’ meeting

• All motions of the Board of Directors approved
• Three new board members elected

Tel Aviv/Zurich, 30 July 2010 – SHL Telemedicine Ltd. (SIX Swiss Exchange: SHLTN), a
leading provider and developer of advanced personal telemedicine solutions, announces that
at its Annual General Meeting held in Tel Aviv on 29 July 2010, shareholders approved all
proposals put forward by the Board of Directors. The SHL Board of Directors consists of 9
members out of which the AGM approved the re-election of five members of the Board of
Directors whose terms of office expired and the election of three new candidates to the Board
of Directors. These are:

Dvora Kimhi was elected as a non-executive board member. Ms. Kimhi served in the past as
an Independent (external) director of the Company for two consecutive three year terms
ending in 2007. Ms. Kimhi is currently VP for legal and regulations affair for Israel’s Channel
10 TV station and a serves as a Board member at Ananey Communications Ltd. Ms Kimhi
holds an L.L.B from the Tel-Aviv University. Ms. Kimhi specializes in contract law,
communication regulation and legislative representation for television, satellite and
communication companies. Nationality: Israeli.

Hagai Shilo was elected as a non-executive board member. Mr. Shilo is currently the
Managing Director of Oceana Capital Partners LLP and a member of the Investment
Committee of TriAlpha Oceana Concentrated Opportunities Fund. Mr. Shilo was formerly
Director of Corporate Finance and Investment banking at Benny Steinmetz Group and VP
Investment Banking BNP Paribas and JP Morgan UK. Mr. Shilo has an MBA from the
Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University, Holland and a BA in Accounting and
Economics from the Tel Aviv University. Nationality: Israeli and British

Yariv Alroy was elected as an executive board member. Mr. Alroy Co-CEO SHL, has served
as managing director of SHL Telemedicine International since its inception. Prior to that he
was chief operating officer of SHL Telemedicine Israel. Before joining SHL Telemedicine,
Yariv Alroy served as a senior partner in a large Israeli law firm. Yariv Alroy holds a degree in
law from the University of Tel Aviv. Nationality: Israeli.

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