SHL announces full-year results 2016

Tel Aviv / Zurich, 31 July 2017 – SHL Telemedicine Ltd. (SIX Swiss Exchange: SHLTN, OTCPK: SMDCY) (“SHL”), a leading provider and developer of advanced personal telemedicine solutions, today announced the audited annual results for 2016. SIX Exchange Regulation had granted the Company an extension of the deadline for the publication of the Annual Report 2016 until end of July 2017.

  • Total revenues of USD 40.5m, up 9.2% on total revenues of 37.1m in 2015
  • EBITDA of USD 1.0m, compared to a negative EBITDA of USD 9.0m in 2015
  • Extraordinary non-recurring items including restatements and adjustments for income taxes, sales wages and commissions as well as impairments of fixed assets and intangible assets have a negative impact on equity of USD 16.8m (see below)
  • Net loss of USD 11.1m versus a net loss of USD 15.7m in 2015
  • Increase in cash and cash equivalent of USD 1.9m with a negative free cash flow from operating activities, net off investing activities of USD 2.2m*.

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