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TelePulse Oximeter

TelePulse Oximeter is a small, electronic, handheld diagnostic device that you use at home to accurately measure the saturation level of oxygen in your blood (Sp02) and your pulse rate. SHL Telemedicine typically provides this device as part of a home – telemedicine system capable of routinely transmitting important medical parameters.

System and services are usually provided to users suffering from chronic lung-heart diseases affecting saturation level, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Anyone can use this small, lightweight device, which requires no special training. It is ready for immediate use and requires no user adjustment. You simply clip it onto one of your fingertips, much as if it were a finger puppet.

The SHL TelePulse Oximeter is a low-maintenance device, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.

Along with TelePulse Oximeter, and as part of the service, you will also receive an SHL Central Communication Module (CCM).

The CCM from SHL Telemedicine is an innovative telecommunication device that transmits medical data from TelePulse Oximeter and other SHL medical monitoring devices to our telemedicine centers.

TelePulse Oximeter is designed to transmit over an Internet connection, cellular platform, or regular landline. The choice of transmission method will depend on the type of communication available. The CCM can communicate with SHL telemedicine devices via Bluetooth, serial communication or USB. It also works with VoIP. The CCM encrypts and automatically transmits the data measured by TelePulse Oximeter to the monitoring center for storage in the user’s personal health record.

If the values deviate from the patient’s individual thresholds, an alarm will be triggered causing the medical staff at the monitoring center to contact the patient to establish what might have triggered the deviation. They will then assess and take the steps necessary to bring the individual back to acceptable values. This is an essential component of our chronic disease monitoring solution and one that keeps our users in more stable condition than they would be if left to cope on their own.

The CCM’s impressive functionality is due to SHL’s many years of home-based telemedicine transmission experience. The CCM:

  • Is a compact, stylish “plug and play” device
  • Has no control buttons, as there is no need for user intervention
  • Has sufficient internal memory for retaining large amounts of data
  • Has quality control software that verifies data integrity and encrypts it before transmission
  • Serves as the recharger for TelePulse Oximeter and other SHL measuring devices, so there should be no need to replace their lithium batteries