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SHL introduces a new portable device to transmit a 12-lead ECG

Advancements in ergonomics bring you the Cardio’B™, the lightest device of its kind, for ECG transmissions from the comfort of your home, office and on the go. The Cardio’B™ is an exclusive design by SHL and differentiates itself through usability and easy handling and provides a clear and noiseless ECG transmission.

Cardio’B™ features:
ECG is transmitted acoustically to the Telemedicine monitoring center via any type of phone connection, including regular fixed lines and cellular phones.

Easy handling and usability
With the simple press of a button the transmission is passed on. It takes less than a minute to send a full ECG transmission to the Telemedicine monitoring center.

Advanced ergonomics
Meticulously applied ergonomics allow for easy and comfortable handling. The slick design and low weight make the Cardio’B™ truly unique among its kind. The ergonomic design ensures that the electrodes are kept effortlessly in close contact with the body throughout the entire transmission.
The electrode belt is made of elastic materials to provide a pleasant feeling. The elastic belt, which surrounds the upper body section, is attached to the front of the device and is easy to mount and adjust.
The Cardio’B™ is suitable for both spouses. Setting of the relevant user is done via an easy selection process.

The Cardio’B™ is a registered trademark of SHL Telemedicine.

IEC 60601-1-2 Manufacturer Declaration