A personal ECG transmission devices

launches by SHL.
“Cardio Sen’C” the first personal cellular- digital 12 lead ECG transmitter

In 1994 SHL introduced the CardioBeeper 12 L, the worlds first 12 lead handheld ECG transmission device. From that time SHL has continually developed its personal ECG transmission devices and telemedicine services which have proven highly effective in
enabling remote, real-time diagnosis of electrocardiographic disturbances, including rhythm disturbances, ischemia and heart attacks.

The CardioSen’C transmits in real time to SHL’s medical call centre a patient’s 12 lead ECG for the purpose of remote real time diagnosis of arrhythmia, ischemia, and myocardial infarction. The ECG is then analysed by the medical professionals at SHL’s medical call centre and together with a clinical description given by the patient provide
the medical professionals with the data needed to diagnose the situation and provide medical assistance, if necessary. This telemedicine service can help to drastically reduce morbidity and mortality rates following an acute myocardial infarction or other
severe cardiac incidents.

The CardioSen’C unique features include, among others:

  • Simultaneous real time 12 lead ECG sampling (only 3 seconds) for improved quality and faster rate of transmission.
  • Transmission of digital encoded ECG data through a built-in cellular modem allows for maximal ECG accuracy due to the elimination of background noises present when using acoustic transmission via regular telephone lines.
  • In case of no cellular reception the device transmits the ECG acoustically.
  • Enables the medical professionals at the medical call centre to remotely operate and control the device. This promises a calm, clear and effortless transmission on the part of the user.
  • Innovative design with advanced ergonomics which includes an LCD display and vocal guidance.

Erez Alroy.Co-CEO of SHL comments: “SHL believes in harnessing technological innovation for the benefit of its users. After 20 years of experience and development,
we are proud to present the first and most advanced cellular-digital personal 12 lead ECG transmitter to give patients more freedom and comfort.”

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