SHL dividend distribution

SHL dividend distribution  – individual tax solution for shareholders. The total dividend amount distributed to each shareholder amounts to 80% of the dividend amount with 20% taxes withheld and deposited with a trustee on April 17, 2008 for a 90 day period, after which they will be transferred to the Israeli Tax Authorities.For the convenience of SHL’s shareholders, Ernst & Young, Israel, together with a trustee have been hired by SHL in order to facilitate claiming back, in whole or in part, the taxes withheld.

Each shareholder is invited to contact Mr. Zami Flitter of Ernst & Young, Israel (see contact information below) within the said 90 days (but not later than such period) in order to file for his withholding return. Ernst & Young, at its sole discretion based on the documents presented to it per its request and the relevant tax laws and tax treaties, shall instruct the trustee whether to release any, part or all of the taxes withheld to the shareholder or to the tax authorities as the case may be (together with the pro rata interest accrued thereon, if any) after the 90 day period. Withholding returns to shareholders will be made in USD, unless a shareholder requests from Ernst & Young that payment shall be made in NIS.

Ernst & Young, Israel
Mr. Zami Flitter
Phone: 972-3-5687488
Fax: 972-3-5621484

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