SHL comments on tax related court decision in Israel

Tel Aviv / Zurich, 18 November 2016 – SHL Telemedicine Ltd. (SIX Swiss Exchange: SHLTN, OTCPK:
SMDCY) (“SHL”), a leading provider and developer of advanced personal telemedicine solutions,
announced today that further to the disclosure under note 18.g in the financial reports for the year
2015, which discusses court deliberations related to tax assessments for the years 2006-2008, the
court house in Tel Aviv today decided to reject most of the company’s appeals against the ITA (Israeli
Tax Authority) thus creating an increase in the financial liability to the ITA in the amount of approx.
USD 5.5million. The company still needs time to fully understand that decision and evaluate the next
steps together with its legal and tax advisors.
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