SHL Telemedicine: Annual General Meeting approves all agenda items and election proposals

Tel Aviv / Zurich, July 11, 2019 – SHL Telemedicine Ltd. (SIX Swiss Exchange: SHLTN) (“SHL” or the “Company“), a leading provider and developer of advanced personal telemedicine solutions, announced that at the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders which was held today in Tel-Aviv, Israel, the following current members of the Board (excluding the independent (external) directors Mr. Yehoshua Abramovich and Ms. Dvora Kimhi that were elected in June 2017 and December 2018, respectively, for a term of three years) were re-elected until the next Annual General Meeting, by alphabetical order: (1) Mr. Yariv Alroy, (2) Mr. Erez Alroy, (3) Prof. Amir Lerman, (4) Mr. Erez Nachtomy, and (5) Mr. Elon Shalev.
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