Executive Management

Yoav Rubinstein
Yoav Rubinstein
Joined SHL in March 2012 as Senior Vice President, Head of Global Business Development and appointed as CEO in June 2017. Before joining SHL, Mr. Rubinstein worked in the private equity industry, for 9.5 years as a Principal for Apax Partners and then as a Senior Advisor to Saban Capital Group. Mr. Rubinstein holds a BA in Business Administration from the Interdisciplinary Center, Israel.
Nationality: Israeli and American.
Georg F. von Oppen
Ralf Bork
Managing Director – SHL Telemedizin, Germany
Joined SHL Telemedicine in February 2018 Previously worked as Head of International Development and Deployment at Allianz Global Health. Previously served as VP Commercial at ResMed, reporting directly to the President of MEA/APAC. Following university, Mr. Bork worked for Roche Diagnostics and later McKinsey & Company
MBA with concentration in Economics from Philipps-Universität Marburg
Nationality: German
Yoni Dagan
Mr. Yoni Dagan
Yoni Dagan joined SHL Telemedicine in February 2017 from US-based medCPU, a company which’s enterprise decision support software and services captures and analyses the clinical picture from clinicians’ freetext notes, dictations, and structured documentation entered into any Electronic Medical Record. At medCPU, Yoni Dagan was leading the R&D group based in Tel Aviv of over 30 engineers including R&D, integration, QA and algorithms teams. He has over 15 years of experience as a technology expert specializing in medical devices, multidisciplinary systems, and leading multidisciplinary projects. Prior to his role with medCPU, he served as Vice President of R&D in PulmOne Advanced Medical Devices, and CTO in SleepRate leading teams that developed novel medical devices and technologies. Yoni
Dagan holds an MSc and a BSc in biomedical engineering, and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. He is a
member of the medical devices standardization committee in the Israeli Institute of Standards
Nationality: Israeli

Yossi Vadnagra
Mr. Yossi Vadnagra
Yossi Vadnagra joined SHL in February 2017 as Director of Business Development in Israel and has been appointed CFO in June 2017. With over Eighteen years of experience in international markets with Blue Chip companies as CFO in the Healthcare, Retail, and Engineering sectors.
Before joining SHL, he worked for six years as Chief Financial Officer and Co-CEO for G&V Business Solutions Ltd. in Israel and India, and in this capacity, worked with SHL on business development projects in India. Prior to that, Yossi worked for five years as Chief Financial Officer and Strategic Planning for Elbit India Healthcare, a subsidiary of Elbit Imaging Ltd. (NASDAQ: EMITF).Yossi Vadnagra is a CPA (Israel) with an MBA in Finance, both degrees achieved with honors from the College of Management in Israel.

Nationality: Israeli