LKK Niedersachsen-Bremen

SHL to provide services to LKK Niedersachsen-Bremen. LKK Niedersachsen-Bremen, one of nine agricultural health insurance companies in Germany, attends for approximately 150 thousand farmers and their family members. The goal of the co-operation with PHTS Telemedizin is to improve the quality of care and quality of life for chronically ill heart patients and at the same time achieve better cost-efficiency by avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations.

In addition, part of the LKK commitment to its insured farmers is their replacement, during illnesses, with suitable and trained temporary help which the LKK expects that PHTS Telemedizin service will help to curtail by helping the chronically ill heart patient farmers stay healthy and at home for longer periods of time.

Erez Alroy, Co-CEO of SHL Telemedicine: “We see a continued strong interest from German health insurers in the telemedicine platform of PHTS. This trend is further underlined by the signing of the agreement with LKK Niedersachsen-Bremen.”

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