Exclusive provider for a broad TM net covering

improving the care for people suffering from chronic heart illness
This novel approach integrates family doctors, medical specialists, standard city hospitals, rehabilitation centers and the Heart Center of the Universitätsklinikum in Cologne in a trend-setting contract for integrated care.

All together, 16 hospitals are part of this innovative telemedicine net. For this purpose the so-called Heart Net Center (HNC) has been founded. In a next step, the concept allows for the participation of
other health insurers and the transfer to other cities and regions.
SHL’s subsidiary in Germany, PHTS Telemedizin, will be the exclusive provider of the telemedicine services. Based on SHL’s proven solutions and extensive track record PHTS has become the leading provider of telemedicine services in Germany.
PHTS Telemedizin will provide patients suffering from chronic heart illness (NYHA phases IIIV) with improved care and therapy according to their needs, day and night.

Erez Alroy, Co-CEO of SHL, comments: “This contract is a milestone for PHTS Telemedizin.
It underpins the value of our track-record in serving well the German
healthcare market including insurers, care givers and patients, and demonstrates our excellent position in the market for telemedicine services. The fact that it was possible to convince a wide range of institutions and key people in the German health care industry shows that the market is now at a more developed stage and more accessible for our concept combining services and technology.”

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