Presentations in International Meetings

Roth A, Bloch Y, Villa Y, Schlezinger Z, Laniado S, Kaplinsky E.
December 21, 1995
The CB-12L – a new device for transtelephonic transmission of a 2-leads electrocardiogram. 5th international conference on non-invasive cardiology. Tel-Aviv Israel, December 1995
Roth A, Vishlitzky V, Laniado S, Kaplinsky E.
September 21, 1993
Time saving from onset of symptoms to medical care in cardiac patients subscribed to ‘SHAHAL’ – a new medical emergency system.XVth Congress of the European Society of Cardiology. Nice, France Aug.-Sep. 1993
Roth A, Vishlitzky V, Burkenraut Y, Alroy I.
March 21, 1992
The impact of the ‘Desert storm gulf-war’ on behavior of subscribers to ‘SHAHAL’ medical services. International conference on emergency civilian medical services in a non-conventional war. Tel-Aviv, Israel. March 1992.
Roth A, Laniado S, Nebenzahl ID, Vishlitzky V, Alroy Y, Kaplinsky E.
September 21, 1989
Improved Self-Confidence in Cardiac Patients Subscribed to a New Medical System. The 5th world congress on intensive & critical care medicine. Kyoto, Japan. Sep 1989