Abstracts and Proceedings from International Conferences

Tupilsky M, Spiser S, Greif J, Alroy I, Alroy Y, Kivity S.
October 21, 1996
Remote Control monitoring of peak expiratory flow rate in patients with bronchial asthma: a one year follow-up.CHEST 1996 the 62nd Annual International Scientific Assembly, XVIII World Congress on Diseases of the Chest, American College of Chest Physicians,...
Roth A , Carthy Z, Benedek M.
August 21, 1996
Telemedicine in emergency home care – the ‘SHAHAL’ experience. Proceedings in Telemedicine (p. 95), 1996
Roth A.
May 21, 1996
Telemedicine and Modern Technologies in Home Care. Proceedings of the 1st International conference on Home Care: Developments and Innovations (p.31). Jerusalem, Israel, May 1996
Topilsky M, Spitzer S, Greif J, Alroy I, Alroy Y, Kivity S.
October 21, 1995
Tel Aviv and Beilinson Medical Centers, Shahal Medical Services Ltd. Remote Control Monitoring of Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Patients with Bronchial Asthma: A One-Year Follow-Up. Joint Meeting of the World Association of Sarcoidosis and Other Granulmatous...
Roth A, Bloch Y, Villa Y, Schlezinger Z, Laniado S, Kaplinsky E.
August 21, 1995
The CB-12L – a new device for transtelephonic transmission of a 12-leads electrocardiogram. J Cardiovasc Diag;13:100, 1995
Roth A.
July 21, 1995
Telemedicine: The ‘SHAHAL’ experience. Proceedings of the National Italian congress on Emergency Medicine, 1995