Shareholder Info

Capital Structure

As of December 22, 2020, the company has 10,878,491 issued shares with a nominal value of NIS 0.01 each (Corresponding to 10,878,491 voting rights)

Ownership structure

As of December 22, 2020, SHL was aware of the following shareholders with more than 3% of all voting rights in the company.

Number % Including Treasury Shares % Excluding Treasury Shares
Cai Mengke and Shen Kun
Alroy Group 2,507,608
Value Base Group 578,980
SHL Treasury shares 364,037

The above table of Significant Shareholders reflects both actual holdings as of December 22, 2020, after deducting from the total number of shares outstanding 364,037 Ordinary Shares held by SHL, and actual holdings as of December 22, 2020 calculated including ordinary shares held by SHL, all as indicated above, but does not reflect holdings on a fully diluted basis. All in accordance with notifications received by the Company from shareholders and the SAG registrar as of December 22, 2020.

Disclosure of Management Transactions
SHL Telemedicine has to report to SIX Swiss Exchange all transactions of SHL shares and options made by the Board of Directors and the executive management.The disclosure of management transactions is intended as a means of furthering the supply of information to investors. Such disclosure provides investors with additional qualitative insight with regard to their investment decision.
Click here for the Management Transaction disclosure of SHL Telemedicine on the SIX-Platform.