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SHL Telemedicine reduces hospital readmissions 

At SHL Telemedicine, we consistently reduce heart-related readmissions. We have done so for the two and a half decades in which global rates for post Heart Attack (also known as Myocardial Infarctions – “MI”) as well as heart failure (“HF”) and COPD readmissions have been very much on the increase.

Post MI & HF readmission penalties already apply in the US

While the United States has a national average for post-MI readmissions of 19.7%, the readmission rate can of course be lower – or higher.

In an effort to reduce readmissions, US hospitals now face financial penalties for excess MI and HF readmissions (and pneumonia too) within 30 days of patient discharge. In fiscal year (FY) 2013, some 66% of US hospitals are likely to be affected by the 1% penalty. More than that, the penalties are set to grow annually and may in the future be extended to readmissions beyond 30 days. Other countries may well introduce readmission penalties of their own.

In this reality, the SHL solution is a win-win option for hospitals, patients, and health insurers:

  • Hospitals and health payers benefit from reduced hospitalization costs and penalty avoidance
  • Hospitals and health payers achieve higher scores for patient satisfaction levels
  • Patients gain in terms of survival rates and quality of life as they can be closely monitored in the comfort of their own homes
  • The patients’ primary care physicians gain too as they are part of the process, remain in charge of patient management, and can set up treatment instructions in the telemedicine database, subject to the patients’ personal health record to which they have full online access

It’s the best of both worlds: your discharged patients are in capable professional hands and enjoy a full medical follow-up service, without actually having to go out of their front door!

We can help you act now to bring in the change, reduce readmissions, and avoid the penalties while improving the quality of life of your patients.

Our Solution

SHL Telemedicine can help you set up a program to support your patients through the critical 30-day post MI or HF discharge period and thereafter.

Our unique solution of providing 12-lead ECG devices and a medically staffed 24/7 telemedicine center is proven to dramatically reduce readmission rates. Our service provides the perfect mix – technological expertise and a caring team with first or second-hand experience of how heart disease affects an individual and their family. In addition to our personal real-life experiences, we have been working in the field for decades, saving lives and improving the quality of life for acute and chronic cardiac patients alike.

We provide each user appropriate medical devices developed and FDA-cleared by our company, such as smartheart, our mobile hospital-grade 12-lead personal ECG for home use. Smartheart transmits the data to the hospital or the telemedicine center, as you prefer, via the user’s smartphone or tablet device.

We are keen to share our experience with hospitals looking for a solution to keep their discharged patients well, and at home, after their hospital stay. When you have a program in place, you will discover how the satisfaction levels of your patients and their families soar. They know they are in your hospital’s capable hands and enjoying a full follow-up service, without actually having to go out of their front door!

Contact us today to find out how SHL Telemedicine can help you reduce your readmission rates.

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