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SHL Telemedicine is a global leader in the provision of cardiac monitoring services. Our services are used by tens of thousands of Heart Attack (“MI”) patients and worried well individuals in their homes in several countries. In addition, in partnership with health insurers and payers, we also provide a chronic disease monitoring service for people suffering from CHF and COPD.

At SHL, we receive and interpret one million ECG transmissions each year, along with countless other results from medical monitoring devices and supporting medical data, yet treat each user as an individual, someone in crisis, a man or woman in need of caring, professional support. Our extensive experience enables our medical staff to quickly identify crises and turning points in a user’s condition and guide the users and/or notify their physicians, as appropriate.

We ensure that cardiac patients are under a 24-hour monitoring program in the comfort of their own homes. Patients, together with their families and support networks, are typically more relaxed in their home environment and more active than they would be in a hospital environment. This combination makes it far easier to quickly stabilize their medication needs.

With the SHL service, you can optimize treatment plans and medication, safe in the knowledge that we will:

  • monitor your patients’ vital signs
  • facilitate emergency help when it is genuinely needed
  • be available 24/7 to extend medical assistance at the very moment it is needed
  • check that your patients are complying with their treatment plans and medications, and keeping their appointments with you
  • intervene if a turning point alarm is triggered in the computer system by a change in test results
  • educate our users towards a better quality of life

Many physicians refer high-risk individuals who are healthy to the SHL cardiac monitoring service for their patients’ – and their own – peace of mind.  In addition, we count among our users many healthy individuals, who have come to us as a result of growing healthcare consumerism and their wish to play a larger role in managing their own health.

The SHL Telemedicine service really is a win-win situation – for more information on how we can help free up your valuable time and enhance your patients’ wellbeing, please Contact us.


Smartheart is the latest addition to our ECG range. It is a unique, 12-lead mobile ECG that transmits ECG data in real-time via the user’s smartphone to you, the hospital, and/or our telemedicine center as the user chooses. smartheart is a giant step forward in enabling people to monitor their heart day and night, wherever they are in the world.  Read more about smartheart here.