Telemedicine Center 24/7

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

At the heart of SHL’s service offering, is its telemedicine center, recognized as one of the world leading monitoring centers for Telemedicine. The telemedicine center is staffed around the clock by a skilled, professional, and specially trained medical team, ensuring appropriate evaluation and care in line with common medical procedures.

The telemedicine center staff received extensive training at various medical clinics, in addition to having completed SHL’s advanced training course for Telemedicine.

By means of advanced Telemedicine devices located at the subscriber’s home, office or used from underway the medical data is transmitted to the telemedicine center where it evaluated by the professional healthcare team. The medical team will provide immediate feedback and reassurance to the subscriber and when necessary it will instructs the subscriber on what action to take.

In case of need the SHL telemedicine center will assist the user in facilitating emergency care, including by contacting emergency medical services. All the available relevant medical data, including blood pressure readings, ECG, medical history and previous recorded events, can then be made available for review by the emergency medical team and follows the user on the transportation to the hospital. This saves critical time during the admission process and ensures rapid diagnosis and treatment.